Lenten Workshops 2014

Jeff Bethke wrote a blog that went viral on the internet.  It was called  “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus”.  It seems that the things he has to say were very representative of many, if not most, of young people today and why young people today do not appear to be religious. This book is his attempt to bring people back to faith, but makes us question a lot of what we have been doing.

Many of us may find what he says controversial or it may echo what we are already thinking. It is, however, important stuff  and worthy of our study. When we stop growing, we die.

We will be doing two chapters a week and following the discussions laid out at the end of each chapter. Please have read the two chapters each week on the following schedule to get the most out of these workshops:


March 5–  Ash Wednesday — Prologue, Prayer Service, Ashes–Wednesday at 7

The Sundays at Noon:

March 9- Chapter 1 – Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Chapter 2 – Why I still Think Jesus Hates Religion


March 16– Chapter 3 – Fundies, Fakes and Other So-Called Christians

Chapter 4 – Religion Makes Enemies / Jesus Makes Friends


March 23– Chapter 5 – With Religion There Are Good and Bad People…

Chapter 6 – Religion Is the Means to Get Things From God…


March 30– Chapter 7 – With Religioin, If You are Suffering, God is Punishing…

Chapter 8 – Religion Says, “God Will Love You If…”


April 6– Chapter 9 – Religion Points to a Dim Future/ Jesus Points…

Chapter 10 – Why Jesus Loves the Church (and You Should Too)

Lenten Workshops 2014 Flyer Page 1

Lenten Workshops 2014 Flyer Page 2

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