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The Most Reverend Anthony F. Santore

Diocesan Bishop, CACINA Presiding Bishop

The Most Reverend Carl Purvenas-Smith OSB

Auxilary Bishop

The Most Reverend Ron Stephens

Pastor, St. Andrew the Apostle Parish
Auxilary Bishop

The Reverend Michael Meyer

Assistant Pastor, St. Andrew the Apostle Parish


Many join us as a guest for a special service or a visit. If you are a guest, please come back every time you are in the area. It will be wonderful seeing you again.

We know that others join us because they are in search of a church home. If you are looking for a way to practice the true faith you embrace in everyday living, where beliefs reflect real life, then plan to come again to St. Andrew the Apostle Parish. Share in the fellowship of a warm, Catholic community that acknowledges and respects your values. We understand because each of us came here for a special reason.

In either case, we are happy that you chose to join us in worship this morning and hope to see you again.

God Bless you,

The Most Reverend Anthony F. Santore
Presiding Bishop

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Schedule of Services & Directions

Mass in English

Sunday Morning: 10:45 am

Grace Church

Grace Church Road, Casanova, VA


Before Mass on Request

Baptism and Confirmation

During Sunday Mass


By Appointment

Contact either Bishop Tony, Father Ron, or Father Mike

St. Andrew the Apostle
Grace Episcopal Church
Grace Church Road
Midland, VA (Near Casanova) 20187
(540) 349-1661